About Us

Welsh Sate & Copper Candle

We have a passion for Candles – designing them & making them!

Inspired by the colours & textures of ancient rocks, minerals and the natural world.   Each candle in The Candle Alchemist Collection is individually handcrafted using only the finest ingredients;  mineral wax, cotton wick & precious, scented oils.

Our range of luxury pillar candles and scented jar candles are all designed and handmade in our cottage workshop on the beautiful island of Anglesey – quite literally a ‘Cottage Industry’!

Designer and maker, Anita, moved to the Isle of Anglesey  in 2015  to fulfill her dream of opening her own Candle Making Studio in a former Victorian schoolhouse.  A lifelong crafter and maker, she began candlemaking many years ago in Cheshire, and knew immediately she had found her passion!  As Anita puts it “wax has endless possibilities of shape, colour and texture – for me  the process of designing candles is quite magical”


What started as a hobby eventually turned into a full-time business when friends started buying her candles as Christmas presents.  The move to the Isle of Anglesey gave Anita the opportunity to open her own studio, where she now creates and makes unique artisan candles, often taking inspiration from the natural beauty of the island and it’s stunning coastline.  The studio  has also made it possible to share her passion and teach candlemaking workshops to others who want to learn a new skill.

We believe candles are one of the most enjoyable and affordable luxury items available to everyone – perfect as a gift or self-indulgent treat anytime!

There is something about the flickering light of a candle that seems to draw people together & the ambiance of any room is enhanced with their simple, timeless beauty.

Our aim  at The Candle Alchemist  is to bring you a range of candles that are  both beautiful and magical, created to infuse your home with beautiful colour and fragrance.   We hope our candles  generate a special ambiance and bring sense of calm and well-being to your world.


All our candles are blended in small batches to ensure quality & consistency.  Fragrances used contain pure essential oils & quality essence oils to ensure superb scent throw throughout the burn.  Only pure mineral wax of the highest grade is used & this combined with 100% cotton wick ensures an exceptionally clean burn, when burnt correctly (see burning tips).

By using only quality ingredients we believe our carefully handcrafted candles have an integrity & character which cannot be matched by the larger manufacturer.


A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.

Alchemy:  the medieval forerunner of Chemistry concerned with transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to turn base metals into gold . . .